Emotional Support Animals

Reasons To Get an Emotional Support Bearded Dragon (Beardie)

Bearded Dragons (Beardie’s) have recently become the most common emotional support reptiles. Learn more about the benefits of having a Bearded Dragon as an Emotional Support Animal below.

They Make Great Companions

Having an Emotional Support Bearded Dragon may seem odd, but there are definite advantages. Like cats and dogs, these reptiles are just as qualified to become an ESA.

Bearded Dragons are smaller than most dogs or cats. They’re suitable for living at home and do well in small apartments. They don’t require intense training and are low maintenance, as they do not require daily walks and grooming. However, they still provide the emotional benefits of a larger animal.

Bearded dragons usually live 10 to 15 years in captivity. So they’re a pretty big commitment, like a dog or cat. It’s important to replicate their natural habitat as best you can.  

Bearded Dragons don’t have fur, so they might be a good ESA for people allergic to pet hair.

They Love to Receive Affection and Return it

An emotional support beardie can recognize their owner’s voice and scent. Bearded Dragons enjoy being affectionate or being on the receiving end of affection, as long as they feel safe. They easily engage and like to be touched/stroked regularly and love excursions outside of their “cave”. It’s important to entertain your bearded dragon outside its enclosed habitat.

They Help Reduce Symptoms of Anxiety

Emotional Support Bearded Dragons are excellent icebreakers, especially for individuals with social anxiety. People are more likely to strike up a conversation because of your Bearded Dragon. They can be a great way to engage with others and even make new friends.

Once you certify your Bearded Dragon as an Emotional Support Animal, you can go places where ESAs are welcome.  This is a great reason to contact Pet Connect to see if you qualify to get your Bearded Dragon ESA letter.

How to Care for your Bearded Dragon

While Bearded Dragons have simple requirements for a reptile, they still have certain needs that must be met to correctly function as an emotional support animal. It’s important to learn more about how to keep your Beardie healthy and happy, as well as how to care for them.


Finally, these wonderful social reptiles can provide their owners with a sense of purpose and satisfaction, and a Bearded Dragon can be a wonderful option for an ESA.

Pet Connect is an online ESA provider in California that will help you through the ESA process. Our process is quick and straightforward. Connect with a licensed mental health therapist at Pet Connect to help qualify your Bearded Dragon as an ESA today!

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