How to Renew Your ESA Letter

Same Day ESA Letter Renewal

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Wondering “why do ESA letters have to be renewed?” Put simply, federal law requires you to renew your ESA letter annually because ESA letters expire. Therefore, if your issue date is more than one year old, landlords, management companies and airlines will not accept your letter. If you’re in a rush, you can get your letter within 24 hours or the same day from your reassessment consultation.  Get your same day ESA letter renewal with Pet Connect today for California, Oregon, Pennsylvania or Utah. The process to renew your same day ESA letter is quick and simple with Pet Connect:

  • Complete our 3-minute online pre-assessment
  • Connect with a licensed mental health therapist 
  • Receive your renewal on the same day or within 1-2 days


ESA and PSD letters are only valid for one year from the issue date. Fair Housing rules are silent on whether an ESA letter expires. However, many landlords insist on a newer letter if your letter is more than a year old. Because mental health professionals prescribe ESAs, it only makes sense to renew your ESA prescription annually, just like any other medications.  Furthermore, you do not want to get stuck in a situation where a landlord or airline refuses accommodation due to an expired ESA or PSD letter. So, to answer the common question, “do ESA letters have to be renewed?” Yes, therefore, ESA letters expire and it’s highly recommended your ESA or PSD letter be renewed once a year.

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Do ESA Letters Have to be Renewed


How long are Emotional Support Animal letters good for?

You have to renew your ESA or PSD letter every year from a licensed mental health professional. Accordingly, this ensures that the handler’s diagnosis and symptoms have not changed in the last year.

Can I use an old Emotional Support Animal letter?

The answer is no. Landlords or management companies will ask tenants to provide a recent letter to prove that their ESA/PSD is still necessary for their treatment. If you do not renew your ESA letter, you may forfeit your housing benefits for you and your ESA/PSD. Therefore, it is recommended you update your letter annually.

Do I need a new Emotional Support Animal letter every year?

The answer is YES. If your letter is not up to date, your landlord or management company and any airlines will not accept it. An ESA is referenced in the Fair Housing Act (FHA). A PSD is referenced in the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA). Both laws require your letter to be renewed every year. 

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