• No hidden fees – payment includes any housing forms to be completed by your therapist
  • Includes support to help you navigate any issues that may arise with landlords or management companies
  • Includes one or two ESAs on a single letter
  • For California – If you have a dog and a cat, you must purchase the “ESA Housing Dog California”
  •  For California – Upon approval for an ESA letter for a dog, your licensed therapist will provide you with your ESA letter after 30 days (includes both sessions) for only $189
  • For PSD Housing and/or Travel: Upon approval for a PSD letter your licensed therapist will provide you with your housing or travel letter for $179
  • Guaranteed same-day or within 24-hour letter (if approved) for only $50 extra (same-day/24-Hour option does not apply to California ESA dogs)
  • Accepted by Airbnb, other vacation rentals, and university dorms
  • Compliant with federal and state laws which will assure the validity of your ESA letter
  • Adheres to Housing and Urban Development (HUD) guidelines
  • Refund if you are not approved or your ESA letter is not accepted (please read our Refund Policy & Disclaimer for additional information)


Law AB 468 in California requires a relationship between the client and provider of at least 30 days before documentation for an emotional support dog is provided. Upon approval, your payment will cover your additional session with your licensed therapist.

Need a fast turnaround? Our licensed mental health therapists are available to accommodate your timeline.

  • Guaranteed consultation and your letter (if approved) on the same day or 24 hours for only $50 extra. *Same-day/24-hour option does not apply to California ESA dogs.

Need housing forms?

Our licensed therapists will sign additional forms that may be required by your landlord or management company at no additional cost.

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