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Emotional Support Animal Letters

Welcome to Pet Connect for your Emotional Support Animal letter. Getting an ESA letter is important to us. As licensed mental health therapists in California, Pennsylvania, and Utah, we are one of the best ESA letter websites. We help individuals with their dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals. We write official letters, fill out the necessary paperwork, and talk to landlords throughout the year. Getting an Emotional Support Animal letter from Pet Connect is easy. Our letters are legally recognized and follow federal and state laws. Trust our licensed mental health therapists to help you through the process.

Our credentials are verified by PSYCHOLOGY TODAY for your peace of mind and to provide confidence that our licenses are valid and not subject to any restrictions. Connect with one of our licensed therapists in California, Oregon, Pennsylvania or Utah today!

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California ESA Important Facts

California law AB 468 requires a client-therapist relationship for at least 30 days. Therefore, a client will need to wait 30 days before getting documentation for an emotional support dog. This requires two consultations before qualifying for an ESA letter for housing. The law only applies to dogs.

In addition, most airlines no longer honor ESA status. The option for an Emotional Support Animal letter in California is for housing only because of this change. However, there are still a few select airlines that still honor ESA status. These airlines that still accept ESAs include Aeromexico, LATAM, and Volaris. It’s suggested that ESA owners call the airline to confirm before flying. If your dog is trained in a specific task related to your disability, we recommend you visit our page on Helpful Info for more information.

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Amber H.

I have been using Pet Connect for about 2 years now and my therapist was so helpful! She goes way beyond just the initial meetings to provide a comforting, pleasurable and safe space. She understands where you are coming from and clearly wants to help. I unfortunately had an issue with my landlord about a year after I got my letter, she provided guidance and resources when I needed it most. I could not recommend her higher!

Mike H.

My therapist was able to understand and evaluate what was going on and what I needed. She was caring and also understanding of my condition. Great pleasure to work with.

Michelle M.

Such a wonderful service! Thorough, professional and caring! I recommend them highly.

Monica G.

I highly trust & recommend Pet Connect for clients that are needing Emotional Support Animal Letters. The therapists are ethical, compassionate, caring, & patient as they guide clients every step of the way through the ESA process. A wonderful resource!

Ernesto P.

Highly recommend Pet Connect.

Halina M.

Smooth process and exceptional professionalism. Will come back for sure!

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How do I get an ESA letter in California?

If you’re a California resident interested in an emotional support animal, you’ll need to get an ESA letter from a licensed mental health professional for a small fee. Unless you are under the care of a mental health provider, you can request your letter from them. The fee for an ESA letter ranges from $159-$199 depending on your housing and travel needs.

Can a landlord deny an emotional support animal in California?

No, landlords must comply with the law and provide tenants with reasonable accommodations for their tenant’s disabilities. All assistance animals must be allowed in housing under California and federal law. Moreover, these laws protect tenants from discrimination based on an individual’s disability. These laws ensure that individuals who depend on their animals aren’t deprived of the support they need due to fees. With an ESA letter, any pet-related housing fees can be waived. For more information, please visit the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Are ESAs allowed in California?

Yes, ESAs are allowed in California. California law allows individuals with disabilities to bring service dogs and psychiatric service dogs to public places. Emotional support animals are not always welcome in public places, however, there are some places that welcome ESAs. In January of this year, California passed Assembly Bill 468 which places some conditions on mental health practitioners regarding providing documentation for an individual’s need for an ESA dog. So, a client must wait at least 30 days (if approved for an ESA) before getting documentation for their ESA dog.

Do you have to tell your landlord about your ESA in California?

Yes, you must provide your landlord with an ESA Letter. Your housing ESA letter is the only legal document you need to provide your landlord with. In California, a landlord cannot deny an emotional support animal if your California ESA letter is from a licensed mental health professional. In addition, your California ESA letter must be up-to-date (not expired). 

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Your satisfaction is important to us at Pet Connect. So if you don’t qualify at your initial consultation, we refund 100%.  Please read the Pet Connect Refund Policy for additional information.

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