Refund Policy

Pet Connect will only provide you with a full refund if you meet the following two reasons:

(1) your licensed mental health therapist has determined that you did not meet the qualifications for an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) or

(2) your ESA letter was not accepted by a landlord or management company.

The fee ($50) for same-day consultations is non-refundable, as these orders are processed immediately and given priority attention by your licensed mental health therapist.

Once you have placed your order and a refund is requested for other reasons than the above there is a $25 administration fee.

For clients who are renewing their ESA letters, the same refund policy applies.

For clients who miss their initial appointment and need to reschedule, there is a $25 rescheduling fee. Therapists are be compensated for their time and to reschedule your existing appointment.

You are not eligible for a full refund if any of the following have occurred:

  • You are no longer in need of an ESA letter before or after your initial consultation.
  • You have violated a provision of the Fair Housing Act (or related guidance from the Department of Housing).
  • Your animal poses a safety or health threat to other tenants or the property.
  • You have more than two ESAs for housing.
  • Your landlord has cited a valid reason for denying your ESA under the Fair Housing Act.
  • You have been cited by your landlord for damage caused by your ESA to the property.
  • You have violated the terms of your lease (other than provisions that violate the FHA).
  • You had possession of your pet at the time of completing a tenant application or moving in and failed to mention the animal to your landlord.
  • Your animal has been cited by your landlord for infractions such as disturbing neighbors, damaging property, making excess noise, or demonstrating hostility towards tenants or building staff.
  • You have misrepresented your need for an ESA to your licensed mental health therapist or the landlord or housing management company.
  • Your ESA cannot humanely live in your dwelling.
  • You have been cited for improper treatment of your animal.
  • You request for a refund is more than 30 days after the date of issuance of your ESA letter.

If you are requesting a refund, please submit your request for a refund along with proof and the date of when your ESA letter was declined by your landlord/management company at:

Please note that a licensed mental health therapist determines if you:

(1) have a mental health disability, and

(2) your condition is alleviated or reduced by the presence of your support animal.

Pet Connect cannot guarantee that every landlord will follow the requirements outlined by the Federal rules and regulations which govern ESAs, as some landlords may be averse to ESAs or unaware of ESA rules and may deny your federally protected right to be accompanied by an ESA.

In the unlikely event, you are denied an accommodation by a landlord or housing management company, your licensed mental health therapist will assist in navigating any issues that may arise including providing you with the informational resources. It is highly encouraged that you file a complaint with HUD if your ESA letter is not accepted.

ESAs are governed by laws and regulations and neither Pet Connect nor your licensed mental health therapist can predict how these rules will evolve. Your licensed mental health therapist is compensated for their time in assessing your need for an ESA and issuing an ESA letter if you qualify. You agree that no refunds will be issued if there is a change in any of these rules that prevent or restricts your ESA from being accommodated in any circumstance, including housing, or otherwise affects your rights as an ESA owner.


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