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How to Renew Your ESA Letter: A Quick and Easy Guide

An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Letter is an essential document for individuals who require the assistance of an emotional support animal to help manage their mental health. These letters are generally valid for up to 12 months after they are first obtained, after which they must be renewed to maintain their validity and ensure continuous support from your ESA.

To renew your ESA letter, it is necessary to be re-assessed by a licensed mental health professional. The renewal process typically involves filling out an evaluation form and providing updates on your current mental health status, as well as any changes in your living situation or emotional support animal.

Renewing your letter in a timely manner is crucial for maintaining the legal protections and benefits offered by an ESA letter, such as being able to live with your emotional support animal in housing that has a no-pet policy or traveling with your ESA in the cabin of an airplane. Planning ahead and starting the renewal process before your ESA letter expires will help ensure a seamless transition and continued support for your mental health needs.

Understanding ESA Letters

Emotional Support Animal (ESA) letters are documents provided by licensed mental health professionals (LMHP) that confirm an individual’s need for an emotional support animal. These letters grant ESA owners certain rights and protections under federal laws, such as the right to live with their emotional support animal even in pet-free housing or to bring them on flights at no extra cost.

ESA letters are required to contain specific information, including the LMHP’s name, license number, and contact information, as well as the patient’s name and details about the emotional support animal. Additionally, the letter should state that the patient has a psychological or emotional disability and that the ESA is part of their treatment plan.

It is important to note that ESA letters can expire, with many experts recommending renewal on an annual basis. ESA letters older than one year may not be accepted by housing providers or airlines, making timely renewals crucial for maintaining the rights and protections associated with an ESA.

To renew an ESA letter, the individual should reach out to their original LMHP for an updated letter or seek a new professional if their previous provider is no longer available. The renewal process may involve a reassessment of the individual’s need for the emotional support animal.

When to Renew Your ESA Letter

An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) letter is an essential document for individuals who rely on their emotional support animals to mitigate their emotional or psychological conditions. These ESA letters are valid for a period of 12 months from the date they are issued.

To ensure uninterrupted access to your ESA’s benefits and to comply with applicable housing and travel regulations, it’s crucial to renew your letter before it expires. This means you should start the renewal process a few weeks before the one-year mark approaches.

Keep track of the expiration date on your ESA letter, and reach out to the licensed mental health professional (LMHP) who provided the letter, as they can help you with the renewal process. In the event your LMHP is not available, consider seeking assistance from a qualified provider that specializes in ESA documentation.

It’s worth noting that some renewal processes may require you to undergo a new assessment or submit updated personal and medical information. Therefore, it’s essential to give yourself ample time before your ESA letter expires, ensuring you have valid documentation when needed.

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Steps to Renew Your ESA Letter

Renewing your ESA Letter is essential, as it ensures that your emotional support animal remains valid for housing and travel purposes. The renewal process is typically simple and can be completed within a few steps.

The first step to renew your ESA Letter is to contact the mental health professional who issued your initial letter. They will be able to assist you in the renewal process by re-evaluating your current mental health status and need for an emotional support animal. If you have lost touch with your mental health professional, consider reaching out to a new licensed mental health professional who can evaluate your needs and provide an ESA Letter if necessary.

Next, you may be required to complete a new assessment of your emotional health to ensure that your emotional support animal is still beneficial to your well-being. During this assessment, be prepared to discuss any changes in your mental health, your living situation, and your overall need for an emotional support animal.

Finally, submit the assessment to the mental health professional for review. Once the review is complete and if you still qualify, they will provide you with a renewed ESA Letter that you can use for housing and some travel purposes. It is important to check with your airline to ensure ESA status is honored. It is crucial to obtain the renewed letter as ESA letters do need to be current and up-to-date, even though they don’t technically expire.

Remember to keep your renewed ESA Letter in a secure location and make copies for your records. You will need to present this letter when requesting accommodations for housing or travel with your emotional support animal.

Finding a Reliable Provider

When it comes to renewing your ESA letter, finding a reliable provider is crucial. There are several online services that can match you with licensed doctors or mental health professionals who can provide an updated ESA letter. However, it’s important to choose a legitimate provider to avoid potential issues with housing or travel accommodations.

One aspect to consider when evaluating a provider is their track record and customer reviews. Ensure they have a history of providing valid ESA letters that comply with state regulations and have satisfied clients. You may also look for providers accredited by the Better Business Bureau or similar organizations to ensure credibility.

Additionally, verify that the provider works with state-licensed doctors or mental health professionals who are authorized to issue ESA letters. A legitimate provider will typically offer a consultation or assessment process to determine if you qualify for an ESA letter. It’s essential that this assessment is conducted by a qualified professional.

Lastly, pay attention to the provider’s pricing and guarantee policies. Reputable providers are transparent about their fees and often offer money-back guarantees if the ESA letter doesn’t work for your specific situation.

In summary, a reliable ESA letter provider should have a history of satisfied clients, work with licensed professionals, offer a legitimate assessment process, and have transparent pricing policies.

Common Renewal Mistakes to Avoid

When renewing your ESA letter, it’s essential to avoid common mistakes that may jeopardize the validity of the document or delay the process.

1. Using Inauthentic Providers: Make sure to renew your ESA letter through a legitimate source – a licensed mental health professional. Avoid untrustworthy websites that offer quick renewals without proper verification. Instead, look for reliable sources like ESADoctors or CertaPet.

2. Waiting Until the Last Minute: Don’t wait until your current ESA letter expires to start the renewal process. Begin the renewal process early to allow sufficient time for evaluation and communication with your mental health professional.

3. Failing to Update Personal and Animal Information: When renewing your ESA letter, ensure that you update any changes in personal information or details about your emotional support animal. Inaccurate information may lead to issues with accommodations or airline travel.

4. Not Understanding the Renewal Process: Research the renewal process and know the requirements for renewing your ESA letter. Understanding the process and being prepared will help ensure a smoother experience.

By avoiding these common mistakes and following the correct procedures, you can successfully renew your ESA letter and continue enjoying the benefits of having an emotional support animal in your life.


In order to maintain the benefits and protections provided by an ESA letter, it’s crucial to renew it before it expires. Start the renewal process early by following our simple and easy process.

Here are a few key points to remember:

  • ESA letters typically need to be renewed annually.
  • Ensure your mental health professional provides a valid letter with their license number and contact information.
  • Consult a reliable provider to ensure a smooth renewal process.
  • Remember that ESA letters are essential, especially for housing and travel accommodations.

As you approach the end of the validity period of your ESA letter, set a reminder to start the renewal process. By doing so, you’ll continue enjoying your emotional support animal’s company without any hassle or disruption.

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