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How Many Emotional Support Animals Can I Have?

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If you were wondering how many Emotional Support Animals I can have, the answer is – you can have as many as you need. You can even have multiple emotional support animals of different species, such as a cat and a dog. There are several reasons to get an ESA. So, to qualify for multiple ESAs, it’s important to provide all of them with safe and comfortable living conditions. Keep reading below to see the reasons to get an ESA.

However, you can’t simply claim you need more than one ESA. Only a licensed mental health therapist can assess whether it would be necessary to have more than one ESA. Your therapist will reference each ESA in your letter, making all of them a part of your mental health treatment plan.

Reasons To Get An ESA?

There are many reasons to get an ESA as they provide many benefits for your mental health and overall well-being, including the following:

They Lessen Your Stress and Anxiety

Any pet owner will agree that spending time with their pets helps them relax. This is due to the body releasing endorphins, or “feel-good” hormones, in the presence of their pets. Endorphins lower the intensity of stress and anxiety, allowing you to decompress while your ESA is around.

They Provide Emotional Support and a Sense of Purpose

An ESA can give you the support you need to improve your emotional and psychological state. Plus, by supporting your ESA, they can also give you a sense of purpose. Emotional support and a sense of purpose can be beneficial for individuals with various mental health issues.

They Give You Constant Company

Yet another reason to get an ESA is that they provide constant company anytime and anywhere you need. One reason to get an ESA is that you can take them where ESAs are welcome. As of March 2021, airlines no longer accept emotional support animals, but if your dog is under 20 lb. most airlines allow you to bring them on an airline for a fee (even if they are not an ESA). However, airlines permit all psychiatric service dogs. To learn more, contact Pet Connect and learn if you qualify.

Why Do I Need a Legitimate ESA Letter?

Sure, you could just get a pet to help your mental health; however, there are great perks that come with getting a proper ESA letter for your pet.

An ESA letter is like a prescription. Your ESA letter validates that your pet is an ESA and part of your treatment plan, not just a pet. Also, it’s important to note that these animals are different from service animals, in that they don’t assist with a particular service. But having an ESA allows you to bypass the animal restrictions, such as pet restrictions of many rented homes. Depending on your job, your ESA letter may be accepted, so that you can bring your ESA to work to help cope with the stresses of your career and increase your motivation.

How Can I Qualify for an ESA?

Because only people with certain mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression, are eligible for a recommendation, you need to set up an appointment with a mental health professional for an assessment in order to qualify for an ESA. Your therapist will assess your mental and emotional condition and determine whether an ESA would help you manage your health symptoms.

To easily acquire an ESA letter, you can contact Pet Connect. We have licensed therapists who can evaluate your mental health condition and provide you with a formal ESA letter.

What’s great about our services is that you will get to enjoy a quick and stress-free process. You will be directed to complete a quick online pre-assessment. After that, you will connect with a licensed mental health therapist. If your therapist determines that an ESA could be an effective addition to your treatment plan, your therapist will write you an ESA letter.

Contact Pet Connect today to learn more about how to qualify for an ESA letter.


Can I have 2 Emotional Support Cats?

Yes, you can have 2 emotional support cats. In fact, there is no law limiting the number of ESAs a person can have. As long as your ESAs offer different roles that mitigate the symptoms of two separate disabilities and your therapist determines that it can benefit you, you can have as many emotional support cats as you need.

Can You Have 3 ESA Animals?

Yes, you are allowed to have 3 ESAs. As long as you have an ESA letter covering each of the animals, it is legal to have multiple ESAs. It’s important to know that your therapist can list two ESAs per letter.

How Long Do ESA Letters Last?

ESA letters do not technically expire, so it’s possible that they can remain valid as long as you have the pet. However, there will be certain instances when you would have to renew your ESA letter annually.

For example, if the healthcare professional who wrote the ESA recommendation is no longer a practicing professional, you won’t be able to validate the letter. There are also housing providers that might refuse to accept ESA letters issued more than a year ago.

Does an ESA Letter Have to Be From the same State?

No, you are not required to get an ESA letter from the same state where you are looking for housing or accommodation. However, your ESA consultation must take place in the state you are physically in. You can use an ESA letter acquired from a provider in a different state.

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