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5 Reasons Why You Should Get an Emotional Support Rat

three ESA rats taking a treat out of a hand

Emotional support animals come in many forms and breeds. They aren’t just limited to traditional pets like dogs or cats. Owners can choose from a wide array of animals in selecting their ESA. This includes rats. 

Although rats may not be the first option for most people when choosing an ESA, having a rat as your chosen animal can offer great comfort and many benefits in the long run. Like cats and dogs, rats are just as qualified to become an ESA. They’re suitable for living at home and don’t require any intense training. 

Learn more about the benefits of having a rat as your ESA below. 

Emotional Support Rat 

Out of the many options available for emotional support animals, why should rats be your first choice? Having a rat as your companion and ESA can be much more helpful and comforting than most people may assume. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider selecting a rat as your ESA. 

They’re Social Beings 

Emotional support rats are highly sociable. If an owner is someone that requires constant companionship and attention, then having an emotional support rat is one of the best options for them. Rats tend to love spending time with their companions. They aren’t just an ESA that will only be there when the owner truly requires them, such as in emergencies. Rats thrive on socialization, so they will most likely be open to spending time with their owners just because they want to. They are always open to a nice cuddle or playtime. They’re also quite easy to bond with and provide enjoyable company for their owners. 

Emotional Support Rats Are Smarter Than They Look

Rats are one of the most intelligent creatures and are actually known as the smartest rodent. They can be trained and guided, just like regular house pets. This makes it easier for the owner to communicate their needs and have their emotional support rats understand what they need as well as what actions need to be taken in certain situations. Because of their intelligence, owners can easily teach their rats to behave inside their homes. They can be potty trained and trained to wait for their meals. Aside from that, they can also be taught some cool tricks, such as rolling over or shaking hands. 

The Size of the Rat 

Rats are smaller than most emotional support animals, which makes them easier to accommodate in any living space. While all emotional support animals have their benefits and charms, emotional support rats are one of the most versatile options because they are incredibly easy to take care of and can live in any space. Unlike larger animals, they don’t need a large space to accommodate their needs. A cage that is spacious enough for them to roam around and move comfortably in is usually enough to keep them happy. 

Cost-Efficiency and Care 

Rats are one of the most low-maintenance ESAs. They can easily be found in your local pet shop. They are easily pleased and do not require many additional amenities, such as a larger apartment, a larger playpen, or huge amounts of food. Aside from their affordability, they are also considerably easier to care for because they can groom themselves. Despite being sociable animals, emotional support rats are mostly independent when it comes to handling their needs. They can clean themselves and can easily be potty trained by their owners. 

Rats Are Loyal by Nature

An emotional support rat is very easy to bond with because of their loyal and sociable personality. They enjoy physical attention from their owners, such as cuddles or pets. Because of their intelligence, they can identify their owner’s needs and form deep connections with them. They can read their owner’s mood and act accordingly to what they need at the time. This makes them great companions, providing emotional support and comfort promptly and whenever their owner requires it. 


An emotional support rat can be one of the most loyal and supportive companions if you choose one as your ESA. They are capable of many things, such as taking care of themselves and their owner and offering good company for individuals that are coping with various physical and mental health issues. 

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